Belong to a man to express mood method

2015. június 03. - kimilolo

In modern society, men always seem to live a great life, but are actually tired.. According to the Losangeles times, in the United States, the possibility of a man committed suicide is 4 times the woman, but only half the man was diagnosed with depression. This shows that many men's depression is not the performance of sad, guilt, withdrawal and other common symptoms, so people were ignored.
Compared with women, men with depression is more: rash, alcohol and drug abuse, speeding, like. They did not look like the depression in female patients of self unduly suspicious, they are more like bullying, bluff and the fault liability in the people around them. For many men, anger is a mask of inner pain, expressing desire to control, not controlled.. William Polek, a psychologist at the center for male division at Mclean hospital in Boston, the American Center for male division, was the model of man crying..
For example, there is a very ordinary workers, he worked very hard, often work overtime, he said he specifically Zaoji at work, more tolerate colleagues ramble about family things. Every night he drinks almost as much as he drinks.. He confessed that he was a very strange person in the eyes of women and friends.. He has stomach pain and rash disease. He said the man if he behaved very sad, will be very embarrassed. In him, the sad and crazy no difference. In modern society, tears and lazy men are taboo. In the eyes of men, depression is the fragile, shame, and incompetence, which makes a man seem particularly not manly, and so on lost the ego.
In, some psychologists calls for redefining the depressive symptoms and develop a specifically for depressive symptoms in men's table, such as arrogant and bravado, a person alone to cry; speeding, take unnecessary risks; the face of love, a little initiates nameless anger, etc, should is the special appearance of depression in men. Some successful men, such as politicians, sports stars, corporate president publicly acknowledged that they do have such a problem.
As a man to learn to adjust their own mood, with the appropriate mode to ease their pressure. Today, let's make this a little series of ways to reduce the stress relief of your friends..
Listen to the beloved music
Music can cultivate temperament, make the mood calm and. If the mood is not good, you should listen to your favorite music, touch the soul, give up trouble.
Have good memories of the old haunt revisit
It's a pleasure to miss the time of the past.. Miss and friends together in good time, can make the mood to escape from busy business, indulge in the past.
To express emotion
The text is the expression of emotion, by his own thoughts recorded in the text, expecting a bosom friend can understand. Emotions are released in the expression.
Watch nature
Always make people feel the infinite nature of the magnificent feeling, when you feel helpless and depressed, alone to try to place oneself in nature, listen to Niaoyu flowers, only natural changes, the vastness of the universe and human insignificance can let you of the various circumstances of life have a new view.
The majority of male friends of life and work pressure increased year by year, male friends to find their own hobbies, such as singing and playing travel, etc.. When feeling stressed, depression can find the release point of the mind. Only in this way can you keep yourself at an optimum state.